Price: 50€
Only one payment and you get access forever.
Payment: Paypal

1. You must make a payment in the link bellow

2. Send me your snapchat username and paypal email by direct message for verify the payment, so I can add you in the next 24 hrs.

Features of private Snapchat (18+): Access to daily stories, naughty features, behind the scene shots and occasional direct chat

1- NO SCREENSHOTS ALLOWED. You will be banned. First time I’ll ban you 24 hrs, but no second chances if you do it again you will be banned for life.
2- You can message me on Snapchat. MaybeI don’t answerd always but I allways read them.
3- Please, NO DICKPICS. You’ll be blocket inmediatly.

My patrons get 50% off. Become my patron for get it.

For more info,send me a message: